– Feeding the Minds of Entrepreneurs (Podcast)

If you’re a small business owner, entrepreneur, or perhaps you’re an employee working for a corporation with dreams of breaking out and starting something on your own…if this describes you, I’d encourage you to make a habit of listening to the wise counsel, thoughtful ideas, and key concepts shared weekly by my friend, a venture and business coach, Leary Gates and his business partner and serial entrepreneur, Armin Assadi. Their podcast, offers something fresh and upbeat each week for the minds of entrepreneurs. Both run a couple of businesses and know all too well the challenges, fears, roadblocks and mental boxing that goes on in the minds of entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams.

Leary and Armin are entrepreneurs of different generations and their podcast offers a nice balance between the two of them. I met Leary years ago when I was in advertising sales selling for InformationWeek and he was Director of Marketing for CraySoft (Cray Computer – remember them?). In fact I learned a little fun fact from Leary the other day that I was the first person who ever sold Cray an ad.  :)

As small business owners and entrepreneurs, there is so much to get your head around. For those of us who spent many years in corporate life prior to pursuing our entrepreneurial dreams, the unstructured aspect of the life of an entrepreneur can often kill any hope of achieving success. Mindset is critical and you need to constantly keep your mind tuned to new, positive, and constructive thinking.

I highly recommend you download their podcasts. I’m a free subscriber on iTunes and look forward to each new podcast as it hits my phone on Thursdays. Leary had a particularly insightful kick off to the 2015 season where he shared some very personal information as to what has been a big stumbling block for him… and it’s probably for others as well. Listen to find out the one thing guaranteed to hold you back!

Many people are looking for something else to do. Time is quickly moving by and they have not had an opportunity to pursue their dreams. Leary leads an intensive, a weekend long workshop to help people define their dreams and establish plans to pursue them. Check out the Dream Intensive. Dates are coming up in February in Minneapolis and Denver.

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