Business Networking Meeting in Medina – Wed. Dec. 10th 11am Medina Police Station

The I-94 Chamber of Commerce is working with the City of Medina to get small business owners together for a monthly networking event. The next meeting will be Wednesday, December 10th from 11am to noon at the new Medina Police station. We’ll be on the second floor in the training room. There is no cost to attend.

This event is open to all business owners in Medina and Corcoran.

Declutter and Reorganize with NeatNik Solutions

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with Renae Gold owner of NeatNik Solutions in Plymouth, MN. We had a lot of fun talking about how her business can help so many different people get organized and declutter no matter their situation.

One of the big areas we discussed is when an elderly person needs to sell their home and prepare for moving in to assisted living. Often times the job of getting organized and decided what needs to thrown, sold or given away is overwhelming for the person who needs to move. Sometimes it’s too much for the adult children to deal with it as well. They often are busy working and raising their own kids and don’t want to manage the process.

NeatNik Solutions doesn’t just work with those who are moving on to the next phase of their lives, but she also works with people who truly need help getting organized. So if you need an objective third party to come help, consider giving Renae a call.

One of the most impressive things I found about Renae and her business, besides her passion for helping people get organized which clearly came out in our discussion, she has surrounded herself with an excellent group of other service providers who can help properly dispose of the personal property they sort through as they organize and clean out a house. She has estate sales people who can maximize the value of the property. She also has network of consignment stores, and a close relationship with Interfaith Outreach so that those in need can put these items to work. Rather than just throwing these items in to a dumpster and have it end up in a landfill, she goes out of her way to try to find value for the original owner (her client) or to help those who are in need.

Be sure to check out her site and give Renae a call if you need some help getting organized!

Minneapolis Area iPhone and Mac Repair – DontDitchItFixIt

iPhone 4S photoMy iPhone 4s is coming up on 3 years of service and I’m heavy user. I didn’t want to replace my phone just yet because I’m holding out until the iPhone 6 is released some time in the fall of 2014. My battery has been failing lately and I went through the effort to change that out myself. But even with a new battery, my phone was not charging and after doing some research online, I figured it was probably the charging port itself that was also failing. By this point I was starting to get concerned that I would be without a phone for a few days while I shipped it somewhere to get fixed. Then along came DontDitchItFixIt!


I ran a Google search and found various repair shops. Several wanted me to ship my phone to them. There were a couple of local places but DontDitchItFixIt really stood out. I visited their shop today near Southdale and the Edina Public Library in Edina. Sure enough the issue with my iPhone 4S was the charging port. I may have been able to replace it but the problem is I’d have to wait a few days for the part of arrive if I were to purchase it on eBay like I had successfully done for my battery replacement. But on top of that, after having done the battery replacement myself, I was a little concerned about opening up the iPhone again and dealing with those incredibly tiny screws. I thought it best to have some pros deal with it. The service was remarkable and they took care of my repair in about 15 minutes while I waited. I quickly had my phone back and it was once again charging properly. It cost me $60 and was well worth it.

Thanks so much Andy Hels for launching this business a few years ago.  DontDitchItFixIt not only serves walk-in and phone in customers like myself, but they have many corporate clients who also rely on their efficient repairs.  They are continuing to expand that part of the business so if you’re in charge of managing or supporting the phones, tablets and macs at your company, you may ant to give Andy a call to see if he can help. He’s also looking to add service technicians and will likely need more space soon. It’s great to see success stories like Andy’s given the lack of robust growth in the American economy and the job market. Andy is making his own way and helping many others in the process.

I highly recommend these guys for fast and cost-effective repairs of your iPhones and Macs. Call them at 763-634-1083.

DontDitchItFixIt Image

Rush Creek Golf Club Maple Grove, Minnesota – Stunning Photos

Rush Creek Golf CourseThere are many wonderful golf courses in the area, but one that has really grown beautifully and continues to attract attention is Rush Creek Golf Club located in Maple Grove, Minnesota.

This is a much sought after venue for corporate golf tournaments as well as just active golfers  in the area. It offers an 18-hole championship golf course that I can personally testify to is quite challenging. As you can see by the photographs by Wayne Moran that it’s a stunning setting. Wayne Moran is my brother-in-law and has an amazing eye especially when it comes to outdoors or architecture. Check out his full portfolio at his photography site – Wayne Moran.

While I have permission to use the photos you see below, be sure to check out the entire incredible album that Wayne Moran has put together at Rush Creek Photo Album by Wayne Moran.

In addition to the outstanding golf course, Rush Creek hosts many events including wedding receptions, parties and corporate events.

Rush Creek | 7801 County Road 101 N., Maple Grove, MN 55311 | 763-494-8844

Spacecrafting Real Estate Photography Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Spacecrafting provides some of the most beautiful real estate photography in the Twin Cities.  We’ve been using them for a number of years and believe they help us to help our clients have their properties viewed in the best light possible.

With so much importance being place on digital marketing and exposure on the internet for real estate listings, it still surprises me the poor quality too many agents allow when it comes to photographs of their listing. We never have that problem when we hire Mike McCaw and his incredible team of photographers and in-studio editors who create fabulous photos and tours.

Installing License Plate on Front of BMW – Thank You BMW of Minnetonka!

BMW Front License PlateMy wife and I just purchased a new (used) BMW from a private party in Florida. It was kind of a crazy story how we ended up finally getting this car but that’s not the point of this post.

In Florida, they are only required to have plates on the rear of the car and not the front so our car had just a nice clean white bumper. I did a lot of searching on the internet to find out how to put one of these on and there are various kits and lots of people talking about being careful drilling in to your bumper etc.

Janet called the local BMW dealer which in the western suburbs of Minneapolis is BMW of Minnetonka. I’ve purchased a couple of cars from them in the past. They are great, but having a BMW dealer do anything is usually on the expensive side. I figured it would be $200 to install the plate, but when Janet called them, they said they put them on complementary which was fantastic!  We still had to buy the license plate frame or mount, but they installed in very quickly for her and she was out the door for $65!

I wanted to publish this just in case there are others of you who are here in the Twin Cities metro and perhaps purchased a BMW from Florida or one of the other states that doesn’t require a front license plate and you need it installed here in MN before you get a ticket.

Thanks BMW of Minnetonka for your very courteous service!

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Memorial Day Service at St. Anne’s Hamel, MN

Beautiful service on Memorial Day 2014 – Monday morning, May 26, 2014 at St. Anne’s in Uptown Hamel, MN to honor the men and women who have served this great nation and given the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you all. Our prayers are with you.

Bouncing Back from Adversity – LegalShield Independent Associate, Larry Smith

On The Willis Report on Fox Business recently, Gerri Willis interviewed Larry Smith on overcoming adversity to achieve success. Larry Smith is one of the top independent associates with LegalShield of which I too am affiliated with as the Regional Manager for Minnesota and an independent associate.

This short interview doesn’t get in to all that Larry Smith went through but he story is an inspiration to all who struggle in life. He provides some tips on bouncing back and preparing for retirement in the future.

 Bouncing back from financial hardship to achieve success

Schulzy Custom Apparel and Promotional Products

Todd and Bridget Schulz are the owners of Schulzy Studios which produces eye-catching graphics that can be used to create custom apparel and other promotional items. They’ve found a niche serving fire, police and military but they can do this work for whatever your special interest is, association or business.

The shirts are great to build camaraderie but can also be used for fundraising. Together they continue to provide innovative designs and implement new technology to create better products more efficiently. This is a local Minnesota small business that deserves our support. To contact Todd or Bridget call 1-800-950-1705.

Ditter Cooling & Heating – Medina, MN

Ditter Cooling & HeatingOften times I’ll be asked for recommendations and I can say that our family has personally used Ditter Cooling & Heating for both our home as well as some of the investment properties we’ve been involved with over the years.  Long time employee and general manager, Chuck Winkler, is now the owner of the company. I’ve found them to be helpful, provide timely service and back up their work.

Given we are in the midst of the coldest winter in the past 30 years, if your furnace needs some work, be sure to consider these guys to help keep you warm! They can help you with all your HVAC needs.

Ditter Cooling & Heating

820 Tower Drive, Hamel, MN 55340

Ph: 763-515-8410

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