North Dakota Oil Boom – Six Figure Salaries and No Housing for Laborers

We’ve all heard the stories about the boom going on in western North Dakota because of the oil shale.  I have a friend who is spending half his time in Minnesota and the other half in western North Dakota trying to develop housing for the boom that’s going on.

CNN Money has a good story as well as a video about what’s going on out there.  Yahoo Finance also picked up on the CNN Money story.

I lived in North Dakota while I was in high school and while I loved it, it was much colder in Fargo than it is in Minneapolis.  The thought of working in western North Dakota in the winter time and having to sleep out of a car sounds horrible, if not impossible.  These are tough men working out there.  Good for them.  I’m grateful as their work will help drive down our energy costs.


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    Never been to ND but heard lots of stories about how severe the winters there can get. It would be a tough place to work outdoors in the winter for sure. And trying to live out your car or a camper…they are a lot tougher than me.

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      Doug, I used to live in Fargo and those winters were quite harsh…I can’t imagine being out in western North Dakota working in those frigid conditions and then either living out of my car or a trailer. They are tougher men then I am.


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