ARG Abbott Realty Group Pulls Listings from Real Estate Syndicators – Hammers Zillow, Trulia and

I’ve come around on this issue and now agree with Jim Abbott, President and Broker for ARG Abbott Realty Group in San Diego.  (Edina Realty pulled its listings from the syndicators about two months ago and were one of the first of the larger regional brokers to pull the plug).

Jim Kelly’s 7 minute video absolutely shreds Zillow, Trulia and as ripping off REALTORS as well as misleading consumers.  I find this all the time with these sites.  Over and over again the data is not accurate and up to date on Zillow or Trulia.  (I’m not quite as familiar with and how good they are at keeping data accurate).  Zillow and Trulia will often lead properties listed for sale even though they are no longer on the market.  I see this time and time again.  I suspect they will contact me and tell me I am wrong, but I can back that up within 5 minutes of searching right now.

It is now time for ALL BROKERS to PULL THEIR LISTINGS now from Zillow, Trulia and

I encourage you to watch Jim’s outstanding video of clearly explaining what is going on.  Thank you Jim!

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