Screen Porch Conversion and Lower Level Expansion – Gorgeous Hearth Room Highlighted by the Old World Charm of Reclaimed Wood Beams

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A friend and business partner of mine recently completed a fabulous project where he took an existing screen porch and converted it to living space and extended the lower level right underneath the porch to accommodate for a much improved exercise room.

The story below is written in first person by Nate Jurmu, who is the owner and builder for Meadow Creek Building Corp.

This project was exciting because we were able to take an existing screened porch, and convert it to a spectacular hearth room with vaulted ceiling accented with beautiful reclaimed wood beams from Big Wood Timber Frames and capped off with a stunning Town & Country fireplace.  While the room is brand new, the timelessness of the reclaimed wood beams adds old world charm and really makes the room interesting and come to life!  It’s memorable once you’ve been there.

This project was an excellent example of working in collaboration with a client and architect.  Murphy & Co. Design of Buffalo, MN developed the architectural plans for this remodeling project.

At the start of the project, we installed in a new foundation for the area where we expanded the exercise room in the lower level.  Also, since this was a substantial expansion of the square footage of the home, we had to think about the heating and cooling components for the newly created space.  My clients already had a geothermal system in their home.  We were able to expand it in to the new exercise room as well as the upstairs space that was once a screened porch – radiant floor heat not only in the exercise room but also the wood floor in the hearth room!

The audio and video components for the hearth room were incorporated into the cabinetry in the exercise room underneath, eliminating any cabinetry by the fireplace.

For some additional accents to the exterior, my clients had a hot tub outside on a patio and we rebuilt the deck and added a pergola that extends over the hot tub.  The outside fireplace was already existing.

Customers wonder how we are able to match up siding and roofing material without having to redo all the of the siding or put on a new roof.  Usually we are able to get very close in matching up colors and materials so that it’s not noticeable.  Once in a while there may be just too much fading in the existing siding or shingles to make a great match, but those are issues we can discuss to come up with a reasonable solution that works for you.

We can accommodate any size project – no project is too big or too small for us to consider.  If you have some ideas on remodeling existing space, adding on or building new, please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can arrange a free consultation.